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January 1, 2012

Happy New year!  I hope this email greeting finds you enjoying the sense of anticipation for the coming year.

A big change for me at the end of 2011 was the completion of a new and larger clinic space. I can now offer expanded Acupuncture clinic hours, fitness and yoga consultations and various classes.

The new clinic location is 3641 SE 28th Avenue.  Please stop by on Saturday, January 14th from 3-5 pm for an Open House gathering.  Call (503-481-6702) or email  if you have any questions (

Dynamic Stillness

While this is a time of new beginnings, we continue to participate with nature in the quiet, but dynamic, stillness of Winter.  According to traditional Chinese thought, hidden within the stillness is the kernel of what is coming – the unfolding of nature into its abundance in Spring and Summer.  Without this period of quiet and darkness, vitality and light could not emerge.  Using nature as a teacher, we are reminded that there is a natural flow of expansion and contraction.

As you enter into 2012 and contemplate goals regarding health and wellness, focus on 3 basic things:  wholesome seasonal food, increased exercise – even 10 minutes a day – and deep, intentional breathing.  These 3 pillars of health facilitate participation in the rhythmic flow that surrounds us.

The ancients say: “Eat, and the physical body will be satisfied. Move, and all transformative processes will be in harmony.”  Life generally sees us speeding and toiling, which causes our qi to drive like a galloping horse. In an overtaxed state like this much goes out and only little comes in. …developed practitioners… stay calm and centered…bring every breath down to the navel, and thus live long lives in harmony with heaven and earth.

~  The Huainan Masters “Teachings On Jing and Shen”
fl. 120 B.C.E., trans. Heiner Fruehauf

Savor the Stillness….

~ Tracy

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