Licensed Acupuncturist
Traditional Japanese & Chinese Medicine
Health & Wellness Educator

Yoga & Fitness Training

Tracy has been a personal trainer for over ten years and a certified yoga instructor for seven years. While she works with clients to achieve desired fitness and flexibility goals, her expertise resides in facilitating increased body awareness, agility, balance, coordination and overall well being. Her clients are varied, but she enjoys training and teaching yoga to special populations, such as those in post-rehabilitation. She has considerable experience working with seniors.

Tracy is certified in the Vinyasa yoga tradition and invites everyone, at all levels of health, to explore the connection between the body and the breath. Her hope is that everyone can find freedom through this ancient form of movement. That’s why her style is gentle, expressive, and safe for all levels.

Tracy has a background in ballet, as well as competitive athletics as a long distance runner in Cross-Country & Track. These days she enjoys skiing, basketball, yoga, hiking, tennis, Taiji and the Alexander Technique.

Her experience includes:

  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Yoga Alliance RYT
  • Resist-A-Ball Core & Advanced
  • Neural Stretching
  • Somatics
  • Sotai

She offers one-on-one consultations and small group (3-4) instruction. Please contact us for rates and availability. Some insurance plans cover nutritional and exercise therapy sessions.

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